Sara N.

The doctor was extremely professional and caring. The doctor was extremely knowledgeable about my condition and how it should be treated. I am very pleased with this physician.

Rebecca N.

The doctor was excellent. The exam was very thorough and everything was very well explained. I am very satisfied with my treatment and I definitely recommend this doctor.

Tami T.

The doctor, actually is My doctor. The doctor is an Amazing doctor who really cares about getting you better. I have and Will continue to recommend this practice.

Reysa C.

The doctor is very lovely. The physician is very attentive to my needs as a patient. always smiling & very thorough. The doctor is even nice while giving me a shot(s) (which I hate, but can tolerate because the doctor is gentle). This physician is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the craft.

Ines C.

This doctor has unparallel bedside manners and the thorough explanations comfort the patient more so than most any other doctor. The doctor’s world class knowledge has been essential to my road to recovery. I highly recommend this practice to everyone.

Gabrielle D.

The doctor is very professional. The doctor spent a good amount of time explaining to me my condition and ways to take care of it. This doctor takes her time and generally cares for her patients well being. I would recommend this practice to my family and friend.


The doctor is always very professional & always asks the right questions to make sure she takes care of all your needs. Great doctor.


The doctor is wonderful and always takes time with me. The doctor is thorough and very knowledgable. The doctor was able to treat me when other doctors failed. This physician is never concerned about money and has always put me first. I would recommend this practice to everyone who has foot or ankle pain.

Vincenza A.

Dr Cella is the best doctor I have ever had. I went to another doctor and he did nothing for me. I had ankle surgery with Dr. Cella. It was a great success. She is so caring and loving. She takes her time explaining and answering questions. I have never had a doctor that is so good. I don't want to be with a doctor who rushed me to get me out of the office. I recommend her to everyone.

Andrew B.

Dr. Cella is such an amazing and professional doctor. I went in for a twisted ankle and she told me exactly what was wrong and performed the surgery that fixed it. She knows exactly what she is talking about and will relay that information to you in a way that is easy to understand. Her staff is just as exemplary. They really make you feel like you're at home. They are very warm and welcoming and take very good care of you. I would recommend Dr. Cella to any and everyone.

Simona L.

Dr. Cella is the best doctor I’ve been to. When she gives treatment she is very caring, sensitive and delicate. I never experienced pain. She knows exactly what to do. She figured out diagnosis immediately. I’ve seen other doctors who were not able to diagnose me. I would refer her to anyone anytime . My daughter and her boyfriend who live in London came to visit and she immediately took them in because they both need an appointment . They were both very happy with the treatment .

Giovanna C.

Dr. Cella is an amazing doctor with excellent skills. She always takes her time with me and I never feel rushed. I have been a patient of Dr. Cella for quite some time and she is very patient and understanding. I highly recommended Dr. Cella to my family and friends. Everyone was completely satisfied with her services.

Clare D.

Dr. Cella has always taken a genuine interest in my care and been very proactive about addressing any problems I've had. After multiple stress fractures, an ankle cyst removal, and double bunionectomy I'm very impressed with her knowledge and her surgical expertise. She is very personable and professional. She always explains what's wrong and how to treat it in great detail. I feel very confident as her patient that I am receiving the very best care

Hassan B.

I had a surgery done to my foot & ankle a couple months ago by Dr. Cella Antonella, and it was successful.
Dr. Cella helped me a lot, and still helps by contacting her whenever I have questions or concerns, and she always takes her time answering me in complete details without rushing me.
She also was clear about my x-ray, MRI, and CTScan which makes me confident that I really need the surgery.
At that time,I was a student and I had my surgery done after my graduation. So my medical insurance was active for 1 month after the surgery. She knew that I really needed to be seen by her, so she saw me several times (maybe 4 appointments) when my medical insurance expired.
Dr. Cella is the best doctor I have ever seen in my life, and I am very grateful and thankful for her.

John S.

It is refreshing to find a surgeon who actually LISTENS to what is wrong rather than TELL me what they think hurts. Too many doctors have led me down the wrong path because they didn’t pay attention to the details. Dr. Cella is knowledgeable and actually listens to her patients. She is compassionate and caring. I am so glad that I found her and am finally moving in the right direction. She is everything I could ask for in a Foot & Ankle surgeon.

Valerie K.

I am writing this review to give back to the many patient reviews I've read to help me choose a physician. I have found the reviews very helpful to me and hope my review can help someone's evaluation process easier. I am a patient of Dr. Antonella Cella and she has helped me with plantar fasciitis. Her diligent treatment has helped me avoid surgery in the long term. I will continue to see her annually for all my Podiatric needs. She is professional, easy to speak to and is specific with her diagnosis and treatment. Everything I would want and expect from a physician.

Diane R.

Dr. Cella is an amazing foot surgeon! I had an alien left foot that was killing me! My Primary doctor gave me a referral and saved my sanity! A horrible bunion and hammertoe... I had surgery with Doctor Cella and her team... never had pain ...she reconstructed my foot and it looked great! Cream for my scars and 9 months later barely a scar!
I am seeing Dr. Cella for my right hammertoe and it went great! Had the pin taken out today and I am back to running after my students! I did not have any pain or nightmares of pain my friends talk about. Dr. Cella is one in a million... don’t hesitate- I am for the first time looking forward to wearing sandals this summer!!!
Can’t say enough about her.... very caring and sets your mind at ease!!! 10 star experience.

Paul R.

Dr. Cella is a wonderful podiatrist! I had severe pain in my heel for more than 6 months and was seeing a physical therapist, they kept telling me I needed to just keep stretching it, but it was not working. I saw Dr. Cella's video on the website and knew she was the right person to help me. I was told I had plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation in the fascia at the bottom of the foot. She explained everything to me and we began with conservative treatment. Within 2 months I was back to my normal self, I opted for the shockwave therapy which was mostly painless and was made with custom orthotics. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Cella if you have any foot or ankle pain or problems.

Anthony G.

Thank you Dr. Cella for helping me finally get rid of my foot pain. I stand on my feet all day at work and thought that the pain just came with the territory. I should have come to see you years ago. Living pain free has made me feel like a new man. I cannot thank you enough.

Justine R.

My experience with Doctor Antonella Cella was beyond my belief. She is extremely concerned and careful about the medical follow-up before, during and after surgery. Thanks to her talent I have a brand new foot, and I can walk miles and miles now! Merci Doctor Cella 😉
Also I was always welcome with a friendly and smiling staff, they have always treat me with loving care because they really do care. Thank you!